Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology

Prepared for:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
By Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center-RAND Corporation
April 2006

Available online PDF file (154p.) at: (external link)

AHRQ released a new health information technology (IT) report during the eHealth Initiative's Connecting Communities Learning Forum on April 11

The report acknowledges that while health IT has been shown to improve quality of care for patients, most health care providers need more information about how to implement these technologies successfully. The report, Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology, is a synthesis of studies that have examined the quality impact of health IT as well as the costs and organizational changes needed to implement health IT systems.

This report reviews scientific data about the implementation of health IT to date, as documented in studies published through 2003. It does not project future health care benefits or savings, in contrast to other reports.

Press release (external link) and report (external link)

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