A Guide to Developing Public Health Programmes: A generic programme logic model.

Published in March 2006 by the Ministry of Health, Wellington, New Zealand
ISBN 0-478-29914-1 (Book) ISBN 0-478-29917-6 (Internet) HP 4215

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"...This guide is to help people design and implement comprehensive, effective and measurable public health programmes that will deliver improved public health outcomes.

By developing a systematic programme logic for each public health programme, we aim to be able answer questions such as the following.

· How do we know the programme delivered better health? Are we measuring the outcomes adequately?

· What components are missing from the programme?

· Was resourcing adequate for each component of the programme and for the programme as a whole?

· Was the intervention mix effective? Was it based on evidence and/or did it generate new evidence?
Does it adequately address all five strands of the 1986 Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion?

· Do new interventions need to be developed to have a comprehensive range of interventions available for each component of the programme?

· Which parts of the programme are working? Which parts of the programme are not working? Do resources need to be refocused?

A comprehensive programme should include a range of interventions consistent with the Ottawa Charter's principles of:

· promoting healthy public policy

· creating supportive environments

· strengthening community action

· developing personal skills

· reorienting health services.


Purpose and Background to this Guide
What is a Programme Logic Model?
Logic Model for Developing New Zealand Public Health Programmes
Informative Inputs
Research evidence
Relevant legislation and strategies
Resource and management guid
Summary of activities to implement this stage

Key Components and Associated Activities

Key component 1: Develop population health focus
Key component 2: Address the determinants o
Key component 3: Reduce health inequalities
Key component 4: Address Maori health: He Korowai Orang
Key component 5: Use evidence and examples of best practice
Key component 6: Maximise resources, prioritise and plan


Key component 7: Select interventions
Key component 8: Develop project plan



Appendix A: Examples of Public Health Programme Logic Models
Appendix B: Checklist for Developing a Comprehensive Public Health Programme
Appendix C: Sample Matrix 1: Plotting Interventions
Appendix D: Sample Matrix 2: Plotting Interventions


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